LIFE (under the name New York Mortgage Advocates)  is funded by the New York State Attorney General to provide free mortgage foreclosure prevention counseling for people who are having difficulties with their mortgage lenders.  We also counsel people who are not yet behind on their payments but fear they will fall behind.  New York Mortgage Advocates’ highly trained counselors will work with borrowers and attempt to help borrowers work out loan modifications with the banks. In situations where modifications are not possible, New York Mortgage Advocates will help advise borrowers on alternative remedies.

There are many people out there claiming that they can help borrowers modify mortgages for a fee.  New York Mortgage Advocates will do this service at no cost to the borrower – even if the borrower receives a modification or other concession from the bank.  There are no hidden fees or costs ever– our mortgage foreclosure counseling service is absolutely free.

New York Mortgage advocates has an office conveniently located right in the heart of the Five Towns.  Each of our counselors has been specially trained in the mortgage foreclosure prevention process.

All our services are strictly confidential and performed at no charge to you.  This is a free service and counselors do not receive any financial interests from your situation – they can provide you with clear, judgment free and unbiased advice to help you try and save your home.