Our agency, LIFE is a designated guardian and has been appointed by the court as a guardian for many indigent individuals who have no money and no family to step up to take on the responsibilities of a guardian.  LIFE did this pro bono as part of our commitment to serving the elderly. For those that did have family, we encouraged their participation, input, and involvement. We kept the family up to date.  The guardianship program was active in the Nassau County Supreme Court. 

Our primary job was to coordinate with the court, the facility, recertify Medicaid eligibility, and ensure the health and safety of our wards. LIFE met with our wards and worked with the facilities to make sure our wards had everything they needed and that the facility was being paid to keep our clients monthly. From time to time we provided needed clothes, small furniture and the like for those we were guardian of so that they had their basic needs met.  We met with our wards on an ongoing basis.